10 Creative Uses for Used Coffee Grounds 

Coffee grounds are nitrogen-rich and good plant fertiliser. Sprinkle them around the bases of acid-loving plants like azaleas, roses, and hydrangeas or mix them into your garden soil.  

Natural Fertilizer 

Coffee grounds replenish soil nutrients in compost piles. They accelerate decomposition and add nitrogen.  


Dried coffee grounds in a bowl or sachet absorb refrigerator, freezer, and shoe odours. They neutralise odours.  


Coffee grounds with coconut oil or honey make a natural skin exfoliator. Dead skin cells are removed by the coarse grounds, leaving skin smooth and revitalised.  

Exfoliating Scrub 

Coffee grounds can abrasively clean pots, pans, and counters. Mixing them with soap or baking soda boosts cleaning.  

Cleaning Scrub 

To repel ants, snails, and other pests, sprinkle coffee grounds around outdoor chairs. Strong smells keep insects out.  

Insect Repellent 

Coffee grounds can stain fabrics, paper, and Easter eggs naturally. To dye a rich, earthy colour, boil used grounds in water, filter, and soak.  


Add texture and colour to homemade clay or papier-mâché with coffee grinds. They make intriguing patterns and designs in art endeavours.  


Scrubbing coffee grinds into your scalp exfoliates and stimulates hair follicles, supporting healthy hair growth. Make sure to rinse well to avoid discoloration.  

Hair Treatment 

Use dried coffee grounds to flavour chilli, marinades, and meat rubs. They add richness and a hint of smoke.  

Flavor Enhancer 

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