10 Tips to Deal with Victim Mentality

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One problem with dealing with a victim mentality person is that they probably don't want any help and will fight back against any efforts to change how they act or think.  

It's possible that a team member has a victim mindset if they regularly show any or all of the following traits or behaviours.  

Identify the Signs of a Victim Mentality

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If you think a team member has a victim mindset and it's hurting them and their performance, talk to HR.The "victim" may view independent action to fix the situation as bullying. Avoid appearing bully-like to protect yourself.  

Consult Your HR Department

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Set clear behaviour and performance expectations. Give the "victim" explicit instructions and gain their consent to eliminate "wiggle room" for failure. Take charge of the situation.  

Set Clear Goals and Boundarie

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Note your observations and carefully record your activities and delegated duties.Reviewing your evidence will help you comprehend. Having a record will assist you defend yourself against unfairness and bullying claims.  

Keep a Detailed Record

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Keep team-building exercises regular to strengthen bonds. Include thankfulness exercises, where people write appreciation to each other. This helps everyone focus on where they're supported.  

Focus on Team Building

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Tell your staff to "flag up" project bottlenecks. If one team member's work depends on another's completion of a task, make sure they notify you and follow up any delays.   

Establish Clear Lines of Communicatio

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Encourage your employees to take responsibility for their actions and choices. Give everyone, even the "victim," a modest project. Tell them they must finish the job and overcome any obstacles. Buck stops with them.  

Encourage Personal Accountability

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If the "victim" misses deadlines or harms the team, disciplinary measures may be warranted. For instance, a formal warning.  

Don't Let the Victim's Standards Fall

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To handle a victim personality, first make them understand that victim mentality is negative and that they must accept it. Girl victims often blame their boyfriends for everything in their relationships.  

Make them understand that it is negative and acknowledge it 

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One effective way to deal with a victim attitude is to help them see reality through their negative personality blinders. This is one method to handle victimhood. You should show them that reality is more lovely and simpler than they assume.   

Help them realize the reality and be realistic 

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Now that you know how to handle victim personalities, you must realise that they suffer mentally. Often criminals employ the victim mentality to make others guilty for their own gain.   


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