5 of the Best Natural Blood Thinners

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There are foods, like ginger, that can help improve blood flow by making the blood thinner. Anticoagulant drugs may also not work well with these foods.  

Traditionally used as a folk medicine, turmeric gives curry meals a golden tint. Turmeric, one of Trusted Source's major constituents, is an anticoagulant, according to a 2012 study.Clots are prevented by inhibiting coagulation cascade components, or clotting factors.  


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Ginger, like turmeric, contains salicylate, a plant molecule. Plants contain salicylates. They come from salicylic acid.Aspirin, a synthetic derivative of salicylate, can prevent stroke and heart attack.  


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Cassia, a close relative of cinnamon, is commonly available and contains coumarinTrusted Source, a potent anticoagulant.  


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High salicylate levels in cayenne peppers can effectively thin the blood. They can be consumed as capsules or ground into food spices.Cayenne peppers reduce blood pressure and boost circulation.  

Cayenne peppers 

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It has been suggested that vitamin E can act as a less severe anticoagulant.Shop for supplements containing vitamin E.  

Vitamin E 

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Many natural medicines minimize blood coagulation. Do not take them instead of or with your blood thinner or other medications without consulting your doctor.  


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