Easy Prime Rib Sandwich Recipe

Tender, juicy prime rib is piled high on toasted garlic bread and topped with sauteed mushrooms and hot and sweet peppers for the ultimate Prime RIb Sandwich. 


For the mushrooms: – 1 Tablespoon olive oil or butter – 8 oz. sliced mushroom – 1 large garlic clove, minced – Kosher salt, to taste For the au jus: – 4 Tablespoons beef drippings or butter – 1 ½ Tablespoons flour – 2 cups beef broth – 1 Tablespoon Worcestershire – ½ Tablespoon soy sauce – Salt and pepper, to taste For the sandwiches: – 2 bolilo, ciabatta, or French sandwich roll – 3 Tablespoons salted butter, at room temperature – 2 large cloves garlic, minced – 8-10 oz thin sliced leftover prime rib – 4 slices white American cheese – Sauteed mushrooms, from above – ¼ cup sliced sweet and hot pepper


Thinly slice leftover prime rib and let it sit at room temperature while you prepare the remaining ingredients.  

Step 1

For the mushrooms:- Heat pan oil medium-high. Evenly distribute mushrooms in pan. For many minutes, brown without stirring. Flip and heat for another minute or two, adding garlic for 30 seconds. Sprinkle salt to taste.  

Step 2

For the au jus:- Heat beef drippings in a sauce pot on medium-high. Mix flour into boiling liquid until smooth and bubbling.  

Step 3

Add ¼ cup beef broth to flour mixture slowly. Bubbles will explode! Pour remaining broth when it settles. Cook for a few minutes until sauce thickens and soft boils.  

Step 4

Mixture of Worcestershire and soy. After chilling, season with salt and pepper.  

Step 5

For the sandwiches:- Broil garlic bread. Mix butter and garlic in a small bowl. Butter both sides of buns. Broil skillet butter-side up for 2 minutes to toast.  

Step  6

Broil cheese and meat. Top each roll with 1⁄2 prime rib and cheese. Return sandwiches to grill for 1.5–2 minutes to melt cheese.  

Step  7

Add toppings. Add mushrooms, peppers, and second garlic bread to sandwiches. Serve hot au jus.  

Step  8

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