Healthy Turkey Avocado Sandwich With Chipotle Mayo Recipe

A simple chipotle mayo gives this Turkey Avocado Sandwich its smokey heat. It's the best way to make your deli meat sandwich better!  


For the chipotle mayo: – 1/2 cup mayonnaise – 1 chipotle pepper in adobo sauce + 2 teaspoons adobo sauce* – Pinch salt – Squeeze of lime juice (optional) For the sandwiches: – 1/2 lb. deli turkey, or about 8 slice – 2 avocados, pitted and thinly sliced – 1 tomato, sliced – 4 slices Gouda cheese – 8 slices Pepperidge Farm® Whole Grain Thin Sliced Bread


In a small food processor, mix the mayonnaise, chipotle pepper and sauce, salt, and lime juice, if you want to use it.   

Step 1

Pulse until it's smooth. You could also chop the chipotle pepper very small and mix it in with the other ingredients.  

Step 2

Put some chipotle mayonnaise on each of the eight pieces of bread.   

Step 3

Put the second slice of bread on top of the cheese. Then add the deli turkey, tomato, and avocado pieces.   

Step 4

You can serve it right away or put it in the fridge overnight in a ziplock bag or another sealed container.  

Step 5

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