Tasty Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe

Soft, moist banana bread with micro chocolate chips makes a great breakfast or afternoon snack. This chocolate chip banana bread pleases kids and adults!  


– 2 cups granulated sugar – 2 cups all-purpose flour – ¾ teaspoon baking soda – ¾ teaspoon cinnamon – 1 teaspoon kosher salt – 1 teaspoon baking powder – 3 large eggs room temperature – 2 cups mashed ripe bananas from about 4 large banana – 14 tablespoons unsalted butter melted – 1 ¼ cups mini chocolate chip – 2-3 tablespoons coarse sugar optional


Warm the oven up to 350°F. Set aside a 10" x 5" x 3 ½" loaf pan that has been greased with butter or nonstick cooking spray.  

Step 1

Mix the sugar, flour, baking soda, cinnamon, salt, and baking powder in a big bowl with a whisk.  

Step 2

Beat the eggs in a different big bowl, then mix them with the mashed bananas.   

Step 3

Add the wet ingredients to the dry ones and mix them together until they are just mixed.   

Step 4

The melting butter should be stirred in until it is fully mixed in. The tiny chocolate chips should be added slowly.  

Step 5

Put the batter into the pan that has been made. If you want, you can sprinkle some coarse sugar on top.   

Step 6

It will take about an hour and ten minutes of baking until the loaf is golden brown and a cake tester stuck in the middle comes out clean. Let it cool down for at least an hour before cutting it.  

Step 7

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