The 11 Best Treatments for Restless Legs Syndrome

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Restless leg syndrome treatments vary by cause but may include iron supplements, medicines, and healthy sleep practices.  

First, determine the cause of RLS. RLS can be caused by heredity or pregnancy, but other variables can be controlled.  

Ruling out potential causes 

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Everyone should have healthy sleep habits, but RLS sufferers may benefit most.Sleeping better may not cure RLS, but it may help you compensate for sleep deprivation. To sleep well, try these strategies.  

Healthy sleep habits 

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RLS is linked to iron deficiency. Several studies have demonstrated that iron supplementation can reduce RLS symptoms.Consult your doctor if you suspect iron deficiency after a simple blood test.  

Iron and vitamin supplements 

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Exercise can improve RLS symptoms.The National Institutes of Health recommends moderate activity for mild RLS.Aerobic exercise and lower body resistance training three times a week for 12 weeks reduced RLS symptoms in 23 persons in 2006.  


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Yoga and stretching aid RLS patients like other workouts.A 2013 eight-week study of 10 women found yoga reduced RLS symptoms. It made them happier and less stressed, which could improve their sleep.  

Yoga and stretching 

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Massaging leg muscles may help RLS. Healthcare organisations including the National Institutes of Health recommend it for home use (3Trusted Source, 18).Not much data supports massage as an RLS treatment, but a 2007 case study showed its benefits.  


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Medical treatment is essential for mild to severe RLS. Dopaminergic medicines are usually prescribed first. They relieve RLS symptoms but can produce adverse effects and other issues.  

Prescription medications 

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RLS symptoms improve with foot wraps.The restiffic foot wrap presses on certain foot points. Your brain tells RLS-affected muscles to relax when pressure is applied. This alleviates RLS.  

Foot wrap  

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Ever stay in the hospital overnight? You may have endured pneumatic compression. This treatment gently squeezes and releases your leg with a "sleeve" that inflates and deflates.  

Pneumatic compression 

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TOMAC stimulates the lower leg's peroneal nerves, which move and feel. The FDA approved the NTX100 Tonic Motor Activation System in 2023.  

Tonic motor activation 

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A noninvasive, underutilised medication may reduce RLS symptoms.This painless treatment is near-infrared spectroscopy. Long-wavelength light beams penetrate skin with NIRS. Light dilates blood arteries, enhancing circulation.  

Near-infrared spectroscopy 

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Treating RLS is important since it can cause pain, sleep disorders, and everyday functioning challenges. Try the at-home choices on this list first. If these don't work, see your doctor.  


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