The 9 Healthiest  Of Orange Juice

Fresh oranges are squeezed to make this juice, retaining most of its nutrients and fibre.  

Freshly squeezed orange juice 

Find brands with only oranges and no sweets or preservatives. Vitamin C, potassium, and folate are usually in this juice.  

100% pure orange juice 

Organic oranges may reduce pesticide exposure because they are grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilisers.  

Organic orange juice 

Using a hydraulic press to extract juice from fruit without heat may preserve more nutrients and enzymes  

Cold-pressed orange juice 

Fresh orange juice without concentrated juice may preserve more nutrients and flavour.  

Not-from-concentrate orange juice 

Some brands add extra nutrients to their orange juice, like calcium and vitamin D, which can be good for your bones.  

Fortified orange juice 

There are types of orange juice with less acid that may be easier for people with sensitive stomachs or acid reflux to handle.  

Low-acid orange juice 

Pulp has healthy fibre in it, which can help your digestive system work better and make you feel fuller for longer.  

Orange juice with pulp 

You can make your orange juice unique by mixing it with other fruits, like pineapple, mango, or strawberries, to make it more interesting and give it more nutrients.  

Homemade orange juice blends 

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